Saturday Event photographs

Banquet photos

                 Bob and Mary Jane Houghton                                        Frank Wood                               


               Charles and Jessie Collier                                            David and Margarita Held

                   Dale Schultz and Lori Deporter                             George and Barbara Breeden   


                      Jim and Barbara Freeman                             Howard and Sally Everett                    

                           James "JC" Wonch                                            John and Brenda Rota

                     Jim Forbes and Kay Jones                             Willard and Barbara George

                         Ken and Kim Carroll                                           Eddie and Lynda Holder                         

                          Mike and Mary Simmons                               Jerry and Shirley Kaufman

                 Mike Farinella and Nancy Hacker                             Jim and Sylvia Young                          

               Neil Cendrosky with Reed Boden                             Niel and Doris Connell

                      Donald Boden and Tara                           

                         Ray and Joanne Filewicz                                 Roger and Pamela Bocek                 

                        Tim and Susan Moll                                             Tony and Joyce Durrett

                     Tony and Mary Ann Sozio                                                Vern Eubanks

                             Garth Pochocki                                                                 Chuck Kay


                      Don & Marianne Crossman                                    Joe & Carol Hart


                                Bob & Pat Ogden                                      Russ & Marlene Fawkes


               Joe & Nancy Fiandach (Sozio guest)        Stephen & Bridget Taylor (Sabe daughter)


                              Tom Bragg                                                           Norris & Rita Sabe


                    Don & Darlene McWilliams                                 Joe & Peg Leatherman


                              1969 WestPac                                                             A/S Div 1969


                              1966 WestPac                                                            1972 WestPac


         Freeman, Fiandach, Filewicz & Simmons        Ogden w/guest Ron & Lorraine Begley

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